asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Guardian: Deeya Khan Documentary on Honor Killing

Banaz: A Love Story is the account of an "honour" killing in south London in January 2006 when Banaz Mahmod, aged 20, was murdered by her family, Iraqi Kurds who felt she had dishonoured their community by deserting her abusive rapist husband and later falling in love with a man of her own choosing.

Banaz went five times to the police to ask for their help and tell them she believed her life was at risk. She even named her future killers on videotape with the words: "If anything happens to me, it's them."

She was raped and strangled and her body was buried in a suitcase. ...

"You cannot celebrate an award when a girl is dead," said Khan. "My friends all said what dress will you wear to the ceremony? But I went in black, how could I think about a dress?

"But I hope that if Banaz's story has done anything, it's made more people realise that this can happen, it exists. Now that it is to be used by police for training is extraordinary. That is one step, they have implemented more tools for frontline officers and crime investigation teams. There is a flagging system now in some parts of the UK.

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