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World of Action

Kabbalah has an idea that there are four universes - Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and 'Asiyah - and I think that's a useful model for the writing process. Atzilut is Emanation, the world of pure inspiration. Beriah is Creation, your first notes and your rough drafts. Yetzirah is Formation, the process of taking the raw material and editing, redacting, and re-writing it until it's a polished work. And 'Asiyah is Action - that's the whole mundane business of all the practical stuff connected with writing: the publication process (submitting, reading rejection slips, etc.), organizing your workspace and writing materials, that kind of stuff. All of these levels are important, and a blockage in one ends up affecting all of them.

Since 2010 I've been keeping a diary on my computer. Last week I got around to printing the whole thing out. Three years (and counting) of personal journal entries are now printed in 16-point Courier on 3-hole punch paper, and they fill three 2-inch ring binders. Somehow it's comforting to have my journals in physical form, but it also helps me to feel my writing is going somewhere.

I'm making it a point to print out what I write, rather than just leaving it on the computer, because I think having it in tangible form helps to keep the process going.
Tags: hebraica, writing

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