asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Thanksgiving with the Kids - and the Exes

And actually, it wasn't bad. It was G's idea (Bunny's mom) to have a mid-afternoon dinner at Villa d'Este. She made reservations for the six of us. It was her and Bunny; T (aka Ms. X) and Daniel (aka TNG); B, my BFF who I had an off-and-on dating relationship with back in the day; and me.

This was only the second time the six of us had all been together in one place - actually the first, since Bunny was asleep when I had a get-together at my place last January for my 50th birthday. And somehow, miraculously, everybody got along well and had a good time.

This was T's first chance to see Daniel and Bunny together, and I'm glad she got to see them. He's about to turn 18, she's just turned 6, and they are wonderful together. Each one loves having a sibling, and my hope is that they'll be able to continue hanging out together after I move back to Portland.
From left: B (edge of frame), Daniel, G, Bunny, and T
Tags: bunny, family, kids, tng

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