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Memories, Dreams, Reflections, and Some Really Cool Masks - Part 2

{More on the Jung event.}

Overall, I liked the emphasis on re-integrating the physical. I think that's important. I wasn't able to attend the pricey workshop on Saturday (today) but I did enjoy the emphasis on physicality.

During the Q&A session, one person asked the speakers about body work for people who are elderly and/or otherwise restricted in movement. Tina observed that, after all, "that's where we're all going!" Indeed. Turns out Tina used to run a seniors' clinic and dealt with isolation and the "collapse of the body" daily. Her approach for seniors:

Begin with body awareness. Notice the feeling of the feet on the ground and the back against the chair. Notice the position of the spine and the motion of the breath. Build a sense of presence in the body.

She interjected that she'd been using music in seniors' workshops for a while, and had always found it helpful; then one day she got the idea to play music from the seniors' teenage years - and the effect was dramatic! The elders suddenly regained a degree of energy, enthusiasm, flexibility, and general youthfulness that had seemed lost. This reminded me of something similar that Deepak Chopra explained in his "Magical Mind, Magical Body" audio series; Chopra also explained how a person's perception of their own age or youthfulness can have a profound effect on their well-being.

Tina went on to explain how she encouraged the seniors under her care to massage one another's hands with lotion; this powerful, intimate experience brought many of them to tears - and then to talking. Some of them went on to express themselves in writing, drawing, or music.

And I think this brings out the most important part of body awareness - the ability to touch one another. G-d help us if we lose it.
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