asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Settling In

Now in my second week back in Portland, and for the first time in seven years I feel like I have my own life back.

Still waiting for my household goods - should be delivered by the end of this week. The original driver got sick, so almost everything I own in the world is still sitting in a truck or a warehouse somewhere.

Air beds. Why didn't somebody tell me about these? When I was a little kid, our family had to rent out the house for a few weeks and we stayed at a friend's house in another part of Connecticut. I remember sleeping on inflatable air mattresses on the floor - not very satisfactory. But this is a completely different thing!

Snow. Yup, three inches of snow and the whole city shuts down! Looks like it'll be slush for the rest of today - hopefully gone in another day or two. Forecast says we won't see freezing again for a while.

Neighbors. The couple upstairs - Cliff and Andy - invited me up to Andy's birthday party Saturday night. Nice folks, and a great chance to meet people in my new neighborhood.

Shopping. Apparently Fred Meyer has gone over completely to groceries since I lived here before. Peterson's is still Peterson's. Zupans is no longer open 24/7/363 (they used to be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, I think) but still open good long hours.

Liquor stores. I never availed myself of these before because I never touched hard liquor, only drank beer and wine. I've since developed a taste for Johnnie Walker. San Francisco drove me to hard drink!
Tags: life, portland, stuff

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