asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Return of the Beret

For quite a few years I've worn a black beret, and most people who know me probably think of it as a sort of trademark look. When I lived in Portland before, I'd buy them from John Helmer, and even after I moved back to San Francisco I'd still order them from there, or make it a point to stop by the store when visiting in Portland.

A few weeks ago I found I wanted to take a break from being so easily recognizable, and went for a more generic look. I wore mostly second-hand clothes, and swapped the beret for a knitted wool cap of the kind you can see people wearing almost anywhere in cool weather.

I found I liked the freedom of not always being tied to a particular "me" look. But now that I've moved back here and am getting settled in, I've gone back to the beret - I got a brand-new one at John Helmer this morning.

And almost immediately, somebody recognized me. But that's another story.
Tags: life

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