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Saturday I went to Shabbat services at the liberal synagogue that's now three blocks from my house. (When I lived in Portland before, I used to attend semi-regularly; it was about a 12-minute walk from where I lived then.)

I am more comfortable with the traditional services at orthodox congregations, or the egalitarian Mission Minyan that I used to go to in SF, and the "creative" style doesn't do it for me. This week was even more over-the-top than most, and, I thought uncomfortably, felt almost like a parody of a liberal-Jewish service, with a succession of breathing exercises, inspirational poems, yoga poses, and whatnot. Very much not my cup of tea.

The congregation itself was older and smaller than I remembered from the past. There were maybe two dozen people there. Only three or four looked younger than myself, and they were maybe early 40s. All the rest were well into their 50s and up. So the whole thing left me feeling rather sad.

Saturday night I went to a singles event and struck up a conversation with a pleasant, attractive woman who I figured to be about 40 - and who turned out to be 61! I would have followed up by asking her out, but she made it clear that she was looking for someone her own age or older.

Sunday was my first week since getting my household stuff delivered, and I have to say that I think I did a pretty good job of getting it put away in that time - the giant heap in the middle of the living room has disappeared and the house is approaching livable. I was enjoying the peace and quiet and solitude, but by Sunday night I was feeling a bit depressed.

And then yesterday (Monday) I heard back from a woman I'd met for a date Thursday night, and we got together for drinks and dinner at the Blue Moon ... and it was quite fun!

I've been sleeping better the past few nights than I did at first. I had a couple of nights of sleeping very deep and late, and dreams of being lost and having to figure out where I was - I guess that's my brain adjusting to the new environment.

It's starting to feel like home.
Tags: dating, hebraica, portland

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