asher63 (asher63) wrote,

'The People of Forever ...'

I finished reading 'The People of Forever Are Not Afraid' by Shani Boianjiu today.

In places I thought it was really powerful and moving - Avishag overcoming her "hysteria" enough to put the car in gear, and nearly chappuquiddicking herself and her father, and Lea kidnapping and torturing the Arab terrorist - and much of it had a surreal quality (as suggested by Rivka Galchen's blurb on the back cover). Also the long and involved (but worth the trouble) narrative of Yael's mother, the Entebbe incident, and the sandwiches. But I found the book overall a bit too long and plotless. When she says (p. 281) that the boy soldiers "tortured the girl soldiers" I find I haven't got the emotional energy or the interest to figure out if she means tortured emotionally or literal physical torture. Is it some kind of hazing ceremony? The kind of cruelty that young adults inflict on other young adults when they're not being supervised by real adults? I found the random cruelty and anonymous sex quite boring at this point. (And when I find sex boring - even in a book - you know I'm really bored.)
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