asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Sleeping on the Couch

It's usually a metaphor for being denied snuggling privileges, but in this case I've just migrated from the bedroom to the living room because it simplifies things.

When I moved into my new place I didn't have a proper bed, so I got an inflatable bed from the Target on Morrison Street. It served me well for a good three months, but last weekend it finally gave up the ghost. Friday morning I woke to find it had become quite squishy - a trend I'd been noticing over the past few days - and I attached the pump to try to give it some new life. But it was soft again by Friday evening and when I tried to sleep on it I felt myself sinking down into it again. So I schlepped the thing into the spare bedroom and slept on the floor Friday night. Saturday night I went for the couch in the living room, which was as comfortable as ever.

Meanwhile, the air bed sits as useless as an aging porn hero's cock: no longer firm enough to be good for anything, just very big and getting in the way, and no amount of blowing will help.

I realized I could use the bedroom as storage space for the umpteen boxes of books I'd still had piled up in the living room. The end result is that I'm basically living in the living room, which I suppose is logical enough. It's also normal for me, because I tend to gravitate towards using my living room as a 'studio apartment' no matter how many bedrooms the apartment has. I guess I just don't feel a compelling need to have a separate room to sleep in.

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