asher63 (asher63) wrote,

The House

The west-facing windows can let in a lot of light and heat when the sky is clear, even with the folding wooden blinds drawn shut. Eventually I'll have to get me some proper curtains.

Three months after getting my household goods delivered, I've finally cleared out the living room (I actually like the term "parlor" better) so that there's space to move around and the stacks of boxes are finally gone.

Rendering the parlor habitable came at the expense of the large bedroom, which I've basically turned into a second walk-in closet. All those boxes from the parlor ended up there. Meanwhile the couch in the parlor is also my bed.

What this means is I've reverted to my usual pattern in one-bedroom apartments, using the bedroom for storage while essentially treating the apartment as a studio. This feels natural to me, except now I've deprived myself of a cooler, darker place to nap. Perhaps I could clear some floor space for a cot?

Those boxes are mostly books. But then there's the kitchen. I own a ridiculous amount of dishes, glassware, and especially silverware. Some of it is sentimental, inherited from my mother and even my grandmother. But there's way too much of it. What's the point? I don't cook much - I'd like to take cooking classes one day, but then who would I feed? I live alone.

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