asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Linkety linkety.

Israelis reinvent the wheel. 'What Barel and a team of engineers from Ziv-Av, an Israeli engineering firm, are doing entails a reimagining of the wheel — with a system redesign that incorporates shock absorption that turns itself on when necessary. The system, called Symmetrical Selective In-Wheel Suspension, uses sensors and three compression spokes to hold the wheel in place. When it encounters an impact, the wheel’s hub shifts, with the shock absorption cushioning the impact. The threshold can be preset by the manufacturer or user. Once past the impact, the wheel returns to its previous rigid state, saving the energy normally reserved for impact absorption in standard wheels and enabling it to be used for propulsion instead.'

Military infographics. I'm pretty sure I have one of these on a poster from Safed.

Hashtag war: Boko Haram vs US Marines. From America's foremost military news source, the Duffel Blog.

Bartkira. Words fail me.
Tags: africa, israel, portland, random trivia, technology
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