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New ‘Bloggers Law’ to embrace Russian bloggers based abroad – report
MOSCOW, May 16 (RAPSI) – Popular Russian bloggers who post on Russian websites and write in one of the languages used by Russian nationals are subject to the new ‘Bloggers Law’ even if they live abroad, a government official told Izvestia on Friday.

“This law is executed based on facts other than the person’s official place of residence registered in their passport,” Maxim Ksenzov, deputy head of the Roskomnadzor mass media watchdog, said. “If someone writes in Russian or another language used in Russia, targeting Russian audiences and using Russian web resources, they will have to comply with the new requirements.” ...

On the next day after the bill was adopted, popular blog platform LiveJournal said it would no longer display the number of subscribers a blog had if the figure exceeded 2,500.
Tags: livejournal, russia

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