asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Energy Crisis

All day today I was thinking about how much I want to play hooky from work tomorrow. Just email the boss(es) and say "Oh I'm terribly sick and I can't come in" and just enjoy the four-day weekend. Besides, I've been feeling listless and lethargic lately, and wouldn't it be great to have some extra time to rest up and get stuff done?

And yet, after I came home this afternoon, I decided to try the opposite approach: get more stuff done at home this evening, and plan on working a full day tomorrow. So I took care of housecleaning, grooming, study, and exercise, and found I had more energy, felt less stressed, and was generally in a better mood than I've been in the last few days when I'd come home and crash on the couch.

So, yeah, a little more studying tonight and then early to bed, early to rise, and back to work tomorrow. It's not like I love my job, and I have enough in savings that I could afford to take time off if I wanted to - but the discipline is good for me, and I think it puts me in better spirits.

Anyway, the gig ends June 13 and I'll be able to enjoy some time off then.
Tags: work

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