asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Randomly One Summer

Solstice may not have arrived yet, but we're having beautiful summer weather here in PDX. I'm enjoying a break from work before I gear up for a week in DC later this month.

Thanks to a post in bookish, I've begun reading Wool by Hugh Howey. I'm on chapter 3 and I am already seriously hooked.

Random protip: If you're running a website I like, and you're soliciting donations - hey, it's cool, I know websites don't run on rainbows and unicorn farts. So PUT A PAY PAL BUTTON IN THE SIDEBAR. Give me one of those fuckin' popup windows and the only thing I care about is finding the little [X] in the corner that will make it go away.

Via thequestionclub, The Washington Post has an article about LiveJournal.

Wait, people still read teh Washington Post?
Tags: livejournal, media, random trivia
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