asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Out with the old, etc.

I finally bid a fond farewell to an unfinished wooden chest of drawers I've been schlepping around since forever. By "since forever" I mean that I think I had it as a teenager; I know for sure I've had it at least since my 20s. It was functional, more or less, but it was getting more and more broken-down with the passage of time, and it was never a top-quality piece to begin with. I'm surprised it lasted me as long as it did. I think I have a tendency to hold onto stuff out of sentimental attachment.

But anyway, the old beat-up unfinished dresser is gone, and I now have more room to move around.

Next week I'll be in DC.

The week after that, a visit from Bunny. Yay!

And in the second half of July I'll be taking an intensive training course to get my CompTIA A+, Networking, and Security certifications.

AND I've been invited to apply for a gig that pays MORE THAN TWICE what I was making at my last job under the unlamented Darla.

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