asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Lost and Found and Lost

I spent most of the week looking for, and obsessing over, a piece of ID I'd lost. The first place I called was the movie theatre where I suspected I'd lost it, but at the time they said they hadn't found it. Then yesterday afternoon I got a call from the cinema and they had found my ID after all. So, a leisurely drive of 18 miles this afternoon, and I had the ID back.

Then, just a couple of hours later, this happened:

I wrote a check to G to help with clothes and camp for Bunny, put it in an envelope, sealed/stamped/addressed the envelope, and went out the door to (a) move the car, (b) mail the check from the corner of 21st, and (c) shop for a few food items at Trader Joe's (also on 21st).

Somewhere between (a) and (b), the envelope disappeared. And I have no fuckin' idea what happened to it. Did I put it down before going out to move the car, figuring I'd pop back in to pick up the envelope before heading to 21st? Or did I take it with me into the car, put it down on the passenger seat, and then somehow manage to lose it in the car? Or maybe I put the thing on top of the car while I was putting the key in the door. Well, hey, at least we can narrow down its whereabouts to (a) in the house, (b) in the car, (c) blowing down the street somewhere within a half-mile radius of where I dropped it, or (d) none of the above.

This anecdote is made slightly less amusing, for me, by the fact that my Dad suffered from Alzheimer's in is last years.

Now he was 80 and I'm 51 - a bit young to be worrying about AD, but it still haunts me.
Tags: losing it

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