asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Random Acts of Randomness

One more week of tying up loose ends and pulling things together for the next phase of life ... whatever that may be. Dentist done, doctor check-up next week. School starts next month.

I've decided to make it a priority to lose some weight. My health is pretty good overall, but I'm tired of carrying around this extra bodyweight - partly as a matter of vanity, and partly because it just makes it harder to move around. Henceforth, my customary weekly two-pints-of-Hammerhead-plus-fish-and-chips at the Blue Moon will be modded to Hammerhead and salad. And the daily food intake is going to be drastically revised.

Books I'm reading now: Tolkien and the Great War; Shift; Wildwood Imperium.

The weekend: Tonight I'm getting together with Prof W for Shabbat dinner.

On my mind: The world. How do you channel imagination and creativity in a dark and chaotic time? Perhaps the Tolkien book will provide some clues.
Tags: great war, life, writing

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