asher63 (asher63) wrote,

That's Life

I suppose it was inevitable, but my trusty diary-making site, OhLife, is closing its book for good on Yom Kippur. Since my first entry (2010 August 24, Tuesday) I've racked up 481,188 words, filling about 1000 - 1500 pages of printed text.

(For those of you who feel called on to inform me that a journal kept on a private internet site is not truly secure: Yes, thank you, I know that. If I were spilling my guts about my devilish plan to blow up the Taj Mahal, that would be a concern. But honestly? Most of it is pretty damn boring.)

With that outlet going away, perhaps I'll divert more of my seemingly boundless journaling energy to LJ. Who knows?
Tags: ohlife

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