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So, I went in and applied/interviewed at another staffing agency this morning. They're not in downtown Portland but in Beaverton - a little ride on the light rail and then a short walk. The whole process took maybe an hour and a half, complete with the usual typing tests, clerical tests (alpha, math, etc.), filling out of forms, interview, and the ritual signing of the tax forms. Also I have an interview for a job position Wednesday morning, and several other job leads to follow up on. So I think I have a very good chance of finding a full-time job by the end of this week.

Also (and not a moment too soon) there might be some developments on the uncle's estate next week.

I'm having to sell a ton of books at Powell's but that's not altogether a bad thing as I had a lot of books that I wasn't really using, they were just taking up space. The process is forcing me to ask myself, "Well, if you're not READING this book, why on earth are you keeping it?!?" And in the process of sorting out my books, I found my old bi-lingual editions of ibn Ezra and Yehuda ha-Levi.

Anyway, my Space Program is advancing in giant leaps, as I am now able to see almost an entire square meter of floor that was heretofore invisible. Temporary setback: the couch (you remember, the ugly comfy one) is now entirely covered with books. Two steps forward, one step back.
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