asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Saturday night

21:26. What really sucks about the broken arm is that I can't enjoy lying down to sleep or rest, because I know when I wake up my arm will be on fire.

That's the worst of it. But after I'm up and moving around for a few minutes, the pain subsides to a dull throb, which is a nuisance but bearable. And the worst moments have dropped down a notch from "excruciating" to "miserable". So there's that.

I let myself go without pain pills for about a day and a half after the prescription ran out, just to purge my system and keep myself from becoming over-dependent on the pills. Refilled the scrip tonight at Walgreens and am now a comparatively happy camper. I think in another week's time I'll be in fairly good shape and won't need to bother with the pills anymore.
Tags: health, journal

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