asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Friday afternoon observations.

"Temporary No Parking Zone" means "We can tow you whenever we please."

Getting towed is no fun, neither is finding the window's been smashed and the car won't start. (Side effects of towing?)

In other news: Somebody really, REALLY doesn't like World of Warcraft.

School: I sat down for a long-overdue (like, 20 years overdue) appointment with an adviser to start hammering out a plan for the remainder of my time at Portland State.

Local: Yesterday's storm wasn't the arctic cataclysm that had been predicted, but it did get pretty windy. We evidently got some sleet, too, and when I went out to check on the car this morning I was having trouble telling what was sleet and what was bits of glass from the window.

Street parking sucks. It's one more reason why I'm planning to move to a different neighborhood soon.

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