asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Thursday: Bunny visit

Yesterday was bracketed by her getting up early from a nightmare, and throwing up her dinner as a side effect of too much cherry soda.

Today was different: just a fun, easy day. She is fun and easy to be with. She got up earlyish, a little before 7 (her normal window is 7 - 7:30) and set to work right away making collages. I gave her a couple of National Geographics to use. She wanted to go out and set up a table to sell her work, and I dutifully pitched in, helping her set up shop at a picnic table on the front porch.

It was pretty cold and foot traffic was rather quiet (it being New Year's Day) and there just wasn't a really busy market for collages. So I persuaded her to come indoors and concentrate on producing more work.

Nanny M arrived punctually at 10 and helped keep her busy. Later in the day, the two of them produced some lovely paper snowflakes. After M left, Bunny snuggled up with me for the obligatory MLP and then went cheerfully off to bed.

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