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Part of what I enjoy about watching a really good production like RWBY is learning how all the different creative minds go through their processes, and how the technical wizards turn the creativity into reality. In Production Diary 1 they give an overview of how the writers and animators do their work. From 2:00 there's a view of Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross working through their writing process, how they work up dialog for the script and capture little mannerisms.

There's a close-up view of the development of Velvet from a walk-on to a supporting character. I love that creator Monty Oum had a fan contest to create a costume for Velvet, and chose a winner together with Velvet's voice actor Caiti Ward - also drawn from the fan pool.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a creative rut, and it gives me courage and inspiration to see these talented young people working so hard to make something that's fun and exciting and new.
Tags: rwby

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