asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Thursday evening

Took the mid-term (first of two, so it's more like the one-third-term) for Linear Algebra and I'm pretty sure I passed. LinAlg is interesting to me, but, as with most mathematics and science classes, I can't always translate that interest into good grades. But I really want to make a success of LinAlg, partly for my own self-esteem and partly because it's just such a fun and useful thing.

The Voice class is finally starting to do some serious stuff - we're working with Shakespeare sonnets now - so I'm enjoying it more. The first couple of weeks were pretty tedious.

US History is going great, and I'm enjoying Jewish Literature (taught by my friend MW) although I've got a shitload of reading to catch up on this weekend. A fun thing I'm doing as a sort of crossover studying is reading selections from Lit or History aloud.

That's school. On the fitness front, I'm now the owner of a cardio trainer (elliptical and recumbent), which means I'll finally be able to do cardio without schlepping down to the gym - and I can cancel my gym membership now.

My creative life has basically been at a standstill for the last few years, but that's changing now. I've got a new story in the works and I'm feeling like there will be more.

And a week from tonight, I'll be marking one year back in Portland. I'll also be celebrating my birthday (a day early, since I don't roll on Friday nights) with some local friends at my usual hangout.
Tags: journal, portland, school, voice, writing

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