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A Death in the Family

Not my family, but a friend's. I woke up to the bad news this morning - Omar and Mohammed's brother-in-law was murdered by terrorists at the opening of a charity in Baghdad. [UPDTATE: Link is fixed - go pay 'em a visit.]
He was a brilliant young doctor with a whole future awaiting him, the couple were the top graduates in their branch of specialty. They had to travel abroad to get their degrees and the war started while they were there but months after Saddam fallen they decided to come back to help rebuild the country and serve their people.

We welcomed them with all love and care, we would sit and talk everyday about our hopes and dreams for a better future for the new generation and for their two little children. We realized that time is needed before they could have a secure and prosperous life and we were satisfied with the little we could make because we believed in the future.

He was not affiliated with any political party or movement and spent all his time working at the hospital or studying at home and he was dreaming of building a medical center for his specialty to serve the poor who cannot afford going to expensive private clinics.

We didn't know or anticipate that cruel times were waiting for a chance to assassinate the dream and kill the future.

It was the day he was celebrating the opening of a foundation that was going to offer essential services to the poor but the criminals were waiting for him to end his life with their evil bullets and to stab our family deep in the heart.

Grief and pain is killing me everyday as I hold my dear nephews, my sister is shocked beyond words while my parents are dead worried about the rest of us. ...

The terrorists and criminals are targeting all elements of life and they target anyone who wants to do something good for this country…They think by assassinating one of us they could deter us from going forward but will never succeed, they can delay us for years but we will never go back and abandon our dream.

You can read the whole post at the link. I've never had the chance to meet Mohammed and Omar in person but they are friends to me. I started reading their blog when it first appeared two and a half years ago and we've been e-mail and blogging pals since then. My friend Michael Totten almost got to meet them a couple of months ago on his visit to Iraq, but the meeting was SNAFU'd at the last moment.

I worry about these guys all the time, because there's a lot of danger in Baghdad and what they're doing is especially dangerous. I can't imagine what it's like to have to live with the threat of terrorism every day, but then I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like under Saddam.

Well, there's one ugly name I don't want to type in my LiveJournal too often, so I'll stop here. I'm praying for Omar, Mohammed, and the rest of their family to stay safe.
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