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I got the word a few days late, but Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream has left us. He died on January 20 in Vienna.

Tangerine Dream was a big part of my formative musical life. 'Encore' (1977) was probably my single favorite, and a classic progressive-rock album in high 1970s style - double vinyl, consisting of four feature-length tracks. I still get goosebumps when I listen to the guitar riff on 'Coldwater Canyon'. They published on the avant-garde Virgin record label, and the genre was sometimes called "space music" - perhaps presciently, as Virgin founder Richard Branson would eventually go into the spaceship business.

But everything goes in cycles, I guess, and just as Froese was transitioning to a higher plane, Moog was reviving the classic modular synthesizer. Gizmodo says the announcement follows a three-year-project where Moog rebuilt Keith Emerson's synthesizer. (Yes, THAT Keith Emerson!) (What do you mean, "Who's Keith Emerson?"?)

The high-tech creative world lost another light this week - Monty Oum of Austin-based Rooster Teeth, the creator of the wonderful RWBY animated series. Monty was just 33.

I love the RWBY story, but I also get a lot of pleasure out of watching the Production Diary videos, where they show how all the artists and writers work together to make the show happen.

We all have to go sometime. But in the time we have, regardless of what tools we use, we have the chance to share our visions and dreams.
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