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The voice actors of RWBY.

Quite a treat, not least because some of these women are really nice looking! Miles and Kerry begin by introducing Jessica Nigri, the voice of villainess Cinder Fall. ("You'll know what you need when you need to know it!") Ruby Rose herself is voiced by Lindsay Tuggey; she uses lip trills to "shove your voice up into your nose" and performs barefoot to capture her character's spirit of "pure innocence".

I love it that the creative team are a real team - they take an interest in each other's work. Here the VAs talk about how they enjoy watching the animators bring the characters to life. There's also discussion of how they use live actors to help with the character poses.

"Performance is very important, it doesn't matter what medium it is. At the end of the day we're still looking at people and they need to behave like people. ... You can have all the technical skill in the world, but the most important thing - do this as often as you can - watch movies, or watch shows, or watch thing where people act. And just keep your eyes open."
- Monty Oum

Tags: rwby, voice

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