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"I like Bill."

I took a voice lesson today with a private teacher in the area. Lesson consisted of some warmups - reading "Yes" and "No" in different intonations - followed by simple exercises, such as reading the sentence "I like Bill" with different attitudes, and then short scripts for commercials.

The lesson was an hour but the time flew. I felt like the time was up after ten minutes. I've had this latent interest in voice acting for a long time and now that I'm actively exploring it it feels like something I really want to pursue. It's funny because usually I'm snobbish about this kind of thing but I don't have any hesitation about doing commercials. I just really enjoy reading aloud, and I think I do it reasonably well. Anyway, the voice teacher seems to think I have potential.

I'm going to have to wait until the school term is over before I move forward on this, but it's feeling like something that's right for me.
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