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I had to drop my Voice for Actors class at PSU, only because the scheduling was just impossible. It wasn't leaving me enough time to perform effectively in my other classes, plus it kept me on campus all day on Mondays when I have a late class on Monday night plus an early math class Tuesday morning. I really need that time on Monday afternoons to rest up.

It's raining and the forecast says it's likely to keep it up for another day or so. But so far we haven't had anything like the nasty, cold, snowy/slushy/freezing weather we had in Portland a year ago. I'm not keen on a repeat of last February.

Took my US History mid-term this morning and I think I did OK. Definitely did not ace it, but I did all right. But I've really gotten excited about history and I feel personally invested in the course, so I want to finish up the term with strong grades.

I'm definitely not quitting on voice training, either - it's just that the class at PSU wasn't working for me. Most likely I will follow up with private training. I don't think every subject is necessarily best suited to be taught as a college course.
Tags: journal, portland, school, voice

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