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New Friends Intro Meme

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Who are you?
- Jewish, American, veteran, Portlander, age 55. Social liberal / libertarian, fiscal conservative / libertarian, pro-Zionist, anti-jihad, queer-friendly. Registered Republican. Co-parent to two wonderful kids, TNG and Bunny.

For those of you who have not run screaming from the room shrieking "Eeeeeek! A Republican!" - thank you for not doing that.

Why are you still on livejournal, don't you know it's dead?
- I like to read and I like to write, and LJ is for people who like to read and write.

Is your journal public, friends only, or a little of both?
- Public as much as possible. Some personal stuff is friends-only, and some very personal stuff is filtered to a subset of friends that I've known on LJ for a long time.

How often do you update your livejournal?
- It has fluctuated over the years (with some fallow periods of months or even over a year) but these days I'm posting daily.

How often do you check your friends feed?
- Daily.

What do you like to write about?
- Sometimes personal stuff, sometimes books, arts and entertainment, sometimes current events.

Random facts about me:

- I am equally fascinated by math / science and language / literature, which is awesome but it makes it very hard to settle on a major.

- I am mildly obsessed with clocks, calendars, and timekeeping.

- I grew up in Connecticut but haven't lived on the East Coast since I left home for the military at 19.

There's more about me at my profile page if you're interested.

If you're wondering why I randomly friended you and it's not in the context of the above group, chances are I found you through the Friends of Friends feature and thought you seemed interesting enough to add.
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