asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Wednesday night

I spent most of the morning finishing up my homework for Linear Algebra. We're learning about eigenvectors now, which I only kinda sorta halfway understand 'cuz it's very abstract, but in general I think I get that an eigenvector is something that acts on a number in the same way as a given matrix. Or something. Anyway, I've got row-reduction, parametric vector form, and the Invertible Matrix Theorem down pat. So there's that.

Will be sooooo glad when the term ends. PSU academic terms run 10 weeks instead of the customary 15, and instructors invariably complain about having to cram too much material into too short a time. Be that as it may, I don't think I'd do well with the full-length semester setup, I've just got too short an attention span.

Anyway, I am looking forward to going back into the workforce in April. My private-sector work history is mostly in the Office Services field, which is OK - I mean I like the work, but it's a job, not a career. But fortunately I'm positioned to transition to slots like Office Manager, Project Manager, Analyst, etc. (My last gig was officially called "scheduler" but I was a project manager in all but name.)

Have been getting active in the dating world and enjoying it. I like meeting new women, not just for romance or sex (although certainly that!) but for companionship. It's just a fun way to make new friends.

I've regained almost full use of my right arm, which was basically crippled since I broke it last September. (That little knobby thing that's part of the shoulder joint snapped clean off. Fortunately it settled right back into place and healed well.)

Good news: I can finally do push-ups again! Bad news: Not very many.

But that's life. Anyway, I'm gonna hit the rack. Please Lord do not make me dream of determinants and eigenvalues.
Tags: dating, health, journal, school, women

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