asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Mosul today.

Caliphatalism? - The American Interest

'His demands were clear-cut: Leave your post at the Governor’s office or face the consequences. “We decided to warn you since you are a hurma.1 We kill the men without warning. You have two days to quit or we will behead you. We know where you live and we know your family.” He ended with some emotion, yelling in his rusty, rural accent: “By Allah shame on you for working with these heretics! You have no shame! We are protecting your honor!”

The authorities shrugged off my complaint, of course. Their reactions varied from the over-zealous—“be brave and do not let these cowards determine your life!”—to the white-flag approach: “Just do what they say and keep a low profile.” I was one of many Iraqi public workers on the receiving end of a death threat from the early incarnation of what is today known as the Islamic State, and am fortunate enough to have survived it. Others did not ...'
Tags: iraq, kurdistan, women, world

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