asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Friday afternoon

Am now focused on gearing up for finals next week. I am putting my grasp of first-year Linear Algebra at about a 6, with 10 being "Matrix Master" and 1 being "Do you even row reduce, bro?"

Invested in a couple of new laptops - a Mac and a Lenovo PC - this past week. I'm not an early adopter and I buy new computers only when I really need them. Generally I'll get the best model I can afford and run it into the dirt. My seven-year-old MacBook Pro - the one I still thought of as my "new computer" until this week - was purchased only after my PowerBook was decisively obsoleted by Apple's transition to Intel chips.

I'm going to the range in Beaverton this week to catch up on my shooting; haven't been shooting in more than a year.

Travel plans continue apace. I'll post more details as the dates get closer.

Shabbat shalom to those who observe, and have a great weekend.
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