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Monday morning post.

So, yes, I'm still here!

The weekend turned out to be not so bad after all. I spent most of Saturday feeling depressed, then I got a clue and grabbed a hot meal on Saturday night which made me feel loads better. (Memo to self: When depressed, try the hot meal thing. Especially if you haven't been eating properly.)

On Sunday I had an invitation from a very dear friend to her first anniversary in recovery party. It was lots of fun meeting new people (I didn't know anyone there, as I don't have any direct ties to the recovery community) and the food was great! (Yay food.)

On my task list for today: fill out the insurance form for the car - it only takes a minute but I've been procrastinating. Also continue cleaning the apartment! I made some small steps on my space program last night and cleared about two square meters of floorspace in my bedroom. Today, a giant leap? We shall see. In any case, I know that clutter is a major mood damper, so if I keep that in mind I'll have some extra incentive to get the place straightened up. I do feel SOOO much better when my living quarters aren't a total disaster!

Also on the plan for today: hit the gym, and do some writing and drawing.
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