asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Thursday night.

I've finished the second module (of the four required) for my microelectronics course. Basically my study day begins with me pressing "play" on the slide presentation and listening to Prof. Chang say "Wercome to UC Berkrey Onrine ..." and explain about op-amps and feedback loops. His accent may be a little thick but he's a great instructor, and the course is a good level for me, so I feel like I'm learning a lot. I listen to three lectures in the morning, break for lunch, re-play the three lectures while taking notes, and then review the lectures a third time the next morning. And after that I tackle the homework assignment. (Example: Explain a diagram of an analog voltage multiplier. Answer: The diode in the feedback loop has an exponential V/I characteristic, per the diode equation, and putting it in the negative feedback loop of an op-amp gives you a logarithmic output. Then you take those outputs ... etc.) This routine seems to be working well for me and I should be able to finish the whole course by the end of the summer.

Dating ... yes, well, there has been dating! More on that in a friends post.

Now one month to go till I move in at my new place in Hillsdale.
Tags: geekery, journal

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