asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Voice Lessons

I just had my second voice lesson this afternoon - as in voice acting, not singing - and I'm really excited about moving forward. The teacher, Lesley, is a pleasant and likeable woman who seems to think I have ability and potential.

I paid for my next batch of six lessons in advance (getting 6 for the price of 5) and I'm scheduled for my next one tomorrow afternoon. (This is good because I don't want to lose momentum.) I had today's lesson in the teacher's home, but I'll be able to do future lessons via Skype. (It turns out Lesley hates city driving as much as I do! So she perfectly understands why I'd prefer to do lessons that way.)

I've always loved the spoken word - as a kid growing up I remember listening to the phonograph recording of "A Child's Christmas in Wales" by Dylan Thomas, and I remember my Dad reading books and poetry aloud. He had a very fine reading voice. I love reading aloud, and sometimes I'll read poetry or prose aloud to myself when I'm alone.

So I'm excited about this as a possible side job for me. My ideal would be to do audiobooks, but I'm not too snobby to do commercials if I need to. I am betting that the digital market will open up a lot of possibilities for audiobook voice talent. Back in the day, you could get audiobooks on cassette but it was a pretty cumbersome proposition. Now people have iPods and audio-capable Kindles, so with the delivery streamlined it's a whole new ball game.
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