asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Tuesday night

It's been over 90F the last three days, so I guess summer is officially here. I'll be glad when the move is done and I can settle into my new place.

Had another voice lesson this morning. The teacher is happy with my progress and she wants me to start working on a demo recording. Ideally I'd like to work in audiobooks and she seems to think I've got what it takes. So, I'm pretty excited about that.

Took my final for the first unit of the Microelectronics course from Berkeley Extension. I'm working on the second unit now, which is pretty much a continuation of the first. It's mainly diodes and op-amp circuits, figuring the frequency response for a low-pass filter, that kind of thing. It's a technical course, not an academic one, and would probably be pretty simple for an EE major. The math isn't all that complicated - mostly high school algebra with a little bit of calculus. So I'm optimistic about completing the whole program within the year.

I like technical courses because they're focused, and because I don't tend to perform well in math and science courses in a classroom setting. I've never had the kind of single-minded focus you need in order to be competitive as a programmer, but I've always been interested in technology and "how things work".
Tags: geekery, journal, voice

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