asher63 (asher63) wrote,

You Can't Jump a Jet Plane Like You Can a Freight Train

A Facebook friend was visiting from Africa, and I went to meet up with him at a Peter Paul and Mary tribute event in Portland.

The grey ponytails in the driveway told me I'd come to the right place.

It was your typical kumbaya-type event. And by "kumbaya-type event", I mean THEY ACTUALLY SANG FUCKING KUMBAYA.

But here's my deep, dark confession: I absolutely love Peter Paul and Mary. Okay, I'm not much into the socialist anthems. But so many of the songs they wrote and covered just kill me. The last verse of "Puff the Magic Dragon" still makes me cry (fuck you, Leonard Lipton), and "Five Hundred Miles" still gives me the chills (you too, Hedy West), and "Day Is Done" is etched into my consciousness for all eternity (and especially you, Peter Yarrow).

Mom was a huge PP&M fan when I was just a wee kid, so all those songs have been imprinted on my brain since my formative years. So I have to admit, it was quite nice hearing them tonight. Yeah, I had fun in spite of myself.
Tags: music, old age and treachery

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