asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Freedom, Power, and the Weekend

It's a beautiful day in Portland, right now the temperature is 74F (translation for all you furners: real nice) and it's my last weekend before I start moving into my new place in Hillsdale.

LiveJournal is down at the moment, at least for me. Apparently I can cross-post from DreamWidth (as I'm doing now) but I can't read LJ or post to it. Fun times.

A few semi-coherent thoughts about me, my blogging, and life in general:

My current events / political blog is called Freedom and Power. [] I chose that title because those are the themes that tend to interest me when I follow political and social events. In that light, I will probably be commenting on some recent events in the news before too long. But for right now I'm getting ready for the weekend.

My online journal occasionally brings up controversial issues and I don't mind a little debate; I don't expect people to agree with me about everything. I only ask that you keep it on-topic, and reasonably polite.

At the same time, I use LJ/DW mainly as social media, which means I mainly come here for conversation, not rants. I generally keep people on my friends list that I think I'd get along with in real life, regardless of whether our politics are the same or not.

From time to time I post on the subject of gender. That's a controversial topic right now and it's a hot-button topic for some people. It's also somewhat personal for me, as I've previously mentioned.

OK, now I'm gonna get away from the computer and get some fresh air and get ready for the weekend. Shabbat shalom - and don't be that guy from the internet.

You know that guy. Don't be that guy.
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