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Wednesday Night: Past and Future

Bunny headed back to California last Sunday, and I've been getting things squared away at home since then.

Last night I finally got to get together for a beer with Michael T., who's been working at a couple of writing gigs.  We talked about the Middle East (I believe he's taking a break from traveling to the ME for a while) and about things closer to home - work, families, Oregon, etc.  He is coming out with an article on homelessness in Portland, which I'll link as soon as it's published.

Bunny spent her last day in Portland with an observant family from the local community.  They have five kids, including a girl Bunny's age, and she had a great time with them.  It was Saturday afternoon - Shabbat - and despite complaining about the long walk to their house, Bunny adapted really well to the rhythm of no TV and no riding in cars.  I like that she's had this experience, and that she'll carry it forward with her in her memories.  (She also had a great time with the 4-year-old boy who lives in another unit in my complex, but we weren't able to make the schedules work for them to spend much time together.)

I'm glad she's out of San Francisco.  I wish she were living closer - say, here in the Portland area - and I'm worried about the direction California is headed in general.  But they're a lot better off in Sonoma than they were in San Francisco.

I love Portland, but even this city is getting a bit too big and crowded for my tastes.  It's a lot different from how it was 15 years ago.  I talked about different places in Oregon with Michael - he's an Oregon native - and he spoke well of Hood River, McMinnville, and Silverton.  He was very enthusiastic about Bend.  Those are all places I'll want to explore.  I want someplace a little less hipsterish than Portland, and, frankly, a little more conservative - not super-conservative, I wouldn't be happy with that, but more middle-of-the-road.

This coming Sunday I'll be fasting in commemoration of a city that was destroyed 2,600 years ago.  Everything changes.
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