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Friday 5

1. How long do u usually spend in the shower? bath?
2. How many bottles (shampoo, conditioner etc.) are lying around your bathtub?
3. What is your favorite type of shampoo? conditioner?
4. Do you always buy your shampoo and conditioner in a set (as opposed to buying different types for each)?
5. Do you prefer stationary showerheads or movable?

1. Typically under 5 minutes. That, plus my penchant for eating my meals quickly and for getting up at around 5am, made me an ideal candidate for boot camp.

2. A lot less than I used to when I had my hair long. I used to wear a ponytail; after I got out of the Marine Corps I said "no more haircuts!" and literally didn't set foot in a barbershop for 20 years. Eventually I noticed that as I got older my hair wasn't looking as good as it used to, plus it was getting in the way when I'd exercise. So I had it buzzed in the spring of 2014, and I've been keeping it short ever since.

3. Johnson's. I share with Bunny.

4. na

5. After I broke my right arm last fall, and couldn't raise it over my head for weeks, I became a big fan of the detachable nozzle on a hose. I am sure anyone who had to come within 50 feet of my right armpit appreciated it, too.

Via spikesgirl58.
Tags: memes
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