asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Art and Work

Ever since I started actively pursuing my interest in voice work, I've started thinking about other ways I might try to earn extra income doing creative or semi-creative things.

What was holding me back before was that I had this dichotomy in my brain, that there's "Fine Art" which is the province of the gifted few, and "work" which is by definition uncreative and boring but it pays the bills.

What changed was that once I realized how much I enjoyed doing voice (and knowing I had a certain amount of ability for it, having grown up in a family where oral reading was part of our lives), I suddenly didn't care about things like whether I was reading prestigious, "literary" works or not. When I heard myself telling my voice coach, "I don't care if I do hamburger commercials" - and meaning it - I knew something had changed, for the better, in my attitude toward doing creative work.

I enjoy fine art and literature, don't get me wrong. But I'm not a snob about it. Sure, I'd prefer to read great books, but I don't mind reading bestsellers or "trashy" novels, and it might even be more fun. (I'd draw the line at porn, or anything with lots of explicit violence.)

Once I'd made this leap, I got to thinking about other things. What about stock photography? I enjoy taking photographs creatively, but I don't aspire to being a household name. ("Asher Abrams? Wasn't he that famous landscape photographer?") But I do want to master the basic techniques of color, composition, etc. and produce good-looking output. And I find that I notice, and appreciate, good stock photography. (The photos used to illustrate the Rosetta Stone language courses were one of my favorite parts of using RS software.)

So what I'm doing is putting aside romanticized notions of "Art" and looking for ways to master a creative craft. That'll potentially provide me with a sense of accomplishment right away, some extra income in the short term, and the tools to express myself creatively in the longer term.
Tags: photography, voice, work

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