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Think I have a new favorite radio station. Had it on in the car as I was driving downtown this morning. Their slogan is "we play everything", and by golly they do. No, I honestly can't remember the last time I heard the Psychedelic Furs back-to-back with Neil Diamond, but somehow it worked. It was "Heartbreak Beat" followed by "Sweet Caroline" - you know, the infectious tune you heard on Beautiful Girls. I found myself thumping the steering wheel and "bah-bap-bahing" all the way down Burnside.

The other day I heard a country song on the radio in a coffee shop. At first I thought it was ELP's "Lucky Man". Then it occurred to me that "Lucky Man" would be perfect as a country tune. It's all about fate ... plus, it begins with a horse, and at the end of the song the guy dies. How much more country can you get?

Got the new car registered today, yay! It's officially mine. I think I'm going to name her Blaze. (Short for "Blaze of Glory.")

And I've got a temp gig for tomorrow, just four blocks from my front door. Coolness.

PS - Oh, and I just love it that there's actually a place named Emerson Lake in Twentynine Palms.
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