asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Bring on 5776!

I just got a call from my buddy the Chabad rabbi, reminding me to come to services tonight. (Rabbi S. lives in my complex and we bump into each other all the time.)

So I'm looking back on what I've accomplished and where I've fallen short over the past year, and where I want to go from here.

I passed the tests to earn my A+ certificate (all with a broken arm!) and now it's starting to pay off in job prospects. I became involved with the local Lodge and worked my way from Entered Apprentice to Master Mason. (I have mixed feelings about being part of an all-male organization, but I am glad I joined. They're a good bunch of guys.) I moved out of my old place in Northwest Portland - which was a hastily-chosen living space - and am now settled in a place I'm much happier with. It's more pleasant, more affordable, better for Sophie, more neighborly and family-friendly, and closer to the Jewish community.

In the coming 13 months (Jewish leap years add a whole extra lunar month) I'd like to get more and better work, make more progress in learning science and technology (physics, cryptography, Matlab), and produce some tangible, good-quality output on my creative projects. I want to be financially stable and spend more time with TNG and Bunny. And I want to build a solid social and dating life.

And I do want to get more familiar with the Bible. So many stories there. And so many messed-up families! Look, check this out, here's a guy who's 100 years old and he's got a wife and a woman on the side but no kids. Except he does have a son by this other woman, but she's a slave so she doesn't count as a wife so the boy doesn't count as a son. So then the wife gets pregnant and has a son, and she realizes she's just become the mother of the Chosen People. So the wife tells the other woman "desert's that way, bitch." Then an angel comes down to the other woman and her son and gives them water and tells them, "it's OK, listen, the other guys are the Chosen People but I will make you, too, a great and mighty nation, and then you get to give the Chosen People all kinds of hell for hundreds of years."

Not even Toni Morrison could have come up with that one.

Happy New Year!
לשנה טובה תכבתבו ותחתמו!

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