asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Saturday night

Almost done with my second pass of 'The Bluest Eye'. This re-reading makes the book much richer for me. I had not previously understood the centrality of the baby (and its importance to the sisters Claudia and Frieda) in the story, and its relationship to the role of babies (born and unborn) in TM's later work; nor the importance of Pecola's mother, Polly (nee Pauline Williams), who provides the second narrative voice in the latter part of the book. TM's foreword enumerates several possible human responses to "powerful self-loathing" and thus provides a key, of sorts, to the characters of both Pecola and Polly.

Tomorrow I'm going for a hike in Champoeg State Park. It's an REI event to teach basic wilderness skills. This is my first time getting involved in any formal outdoorsy type activity so I'm excited.

Monday-Tuesday is the end of Sukkot, and Simchat Torah. Then no more Jewish holidays for a while! I celebrate the return to mundane time with a job interview Wednesday.
Tags: hebraica, journal, oregon, toni morrison

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