asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Wednesday afternoon: Too Much Yontif roundup.

Israeli team signs first launch deal in Google moon race.

There'll always be a Portland.

Crippled vision: review of 'The Bluest Eye' by Toni Morrison.

I went for a job interview this afternoon and I think it went well. The gig is for processing enrollment applications at an art school. It's a swing shift, except for Fridays, which is nice because it doesn't create any Shabbat issues.

So finally the Jewish holidays are done done done and I can get back to the business of day-to-day life. I'm finishing up the work for the semiconductor physics course - I wrote a simple Matlab script to plot the current/voltage behavior of a junction diode at different temperatures, as described by the diode equation. (The diode equation has a factor with T in the denominator of an exponent, which by itself makes it look like the current flow should decrease as temperature increases. The trick is you have to look at the saturation current, which increases with temperature and which dominates the equation. And when the current flow increases, it makes the circuit get hotter, which can give you thermal runaway. This is why engineers spend so much time working on ways to keep microchips cool.)

Speaking of cool, Portland is finally getting a break from the hot and dry summer weather. It's about time!
Tags: geekery, israel, journal, portland, toni morrison

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