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Thursday night: good books, year goals, work and learning

With my review of 'Sula' done, I'm going to take a short break from Toni Morrison (two down, nine to go) and probably tackle 'Song of Solomon' next week. In contrast to 'Sula', 'SoS' is one of my favorite books of all time and I've read it cover to cover several times already. In order to do it justice, I want to approach it fresh.

In the larger picture, I'm wanting to improve my reading intake in both quality and quantity. That includes spending more time with the Bible; I've promised myself that this year (5776) I'm going to keep up with the weekly Torah readings and study them in depth. I found a site ( that lets you download audio files for every one of the readings, so that I can now listen to the reading on my phone. Neat!

It looks like the admin job at the art school isn't going to happen after all. That's actually OK, as I really need to focus on building my career as a tech. I've taken a job for this Sunday doing cash registers at a local retail store.

Two of my concrete goals for '76 are (1) to get my Network+ certification, and (2) to get my General-class amateur radio license. And now I'm adding one more: (3) to get EMT certified. It's something I've wanted to learn for some time, it'll give me more employment options, and even if I don't end up doing it for a paycheck it will be good to have the knowledge in case I need it.

So there's a school in California that offers a two-week "boot camp" for EMT certification, and it looks really good. I could also go through community college which takes six months, but my experience is that I tend to perform better in short, focused, intensive training programs; in a long, drawn-out program I'd probably lose momentum.
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