asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Sunday: Rain!

The rainy season has at last arrived in earnest, here in Portland. The willows in back of my building are gently swaying their water-logged leaves in the breeze, and the creek is starting to look like there's actually water flowing in it.

I'm getting close to finishing that online Game Theory course I enrolled in a few weeks ago - am definitely solid on pure-strategy Nash equilibria, still a little shaky on mixed-strategy, and need to play catch-up on repeated games in extensive form.

Later this afternoon I have to contact my Africa travel buddy and let her know we're definitely (finally!) on for February, and work out our itinerary with her.

Tonight I'm on for a lesson to review my Master Mason ritual with my coach, who's currently the Grand Master of our Lodge. Basically it's memorizing a dialog in question-and-answer form, with a few fun ritual touches.

Tomorrow night's a class in Chassidut at the Chabad synagogue that I want to go to. And Tuesday I've got a job doing terminal installs.
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