asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Saturday night: Clean(ish) parlor!

I spent Shabbat at home, mostly re-reading 'Song of Solomon' by Toni Morrison. (It's one of those books I can read over and over and always get something new out of it.)

Tonight I went on a housecleaning mini-binge, mostly getting the living room (but I like the old-fashioned word "parlor" better) straightened up. I'd been using a card table as a makeshift study and catch-all, mostly the latter, and I finally got rid of that, eventually replacing it with the nice writing desk that was a gift from my friend B. But first, I went over the carpet several times with both the Roomba and the brand-new Oreck. (The carpet was in desperate need of cleaning for weeks.)

Also - because I'm slightly anal about this - finally got round to arranging my books on my bookshelves. I prefer to keep them in order by Library of Congress number, meaning that philosophy/psychology/religion (B) go on the left, followed by history (D-E), and eventually science (Q) and military studies (U-V). My bookshelves typically have a shitload of language/literature (P). Books that are printed in English-style layout get shelved from the left; RTL format (Hebrew and manga) on the right.

So here's what Home Sweet Home looks like tonight. Discreetly omitted from these photos is the couch on the wall where the mirpeset looks out onto the creek; that's still serving as a catch-all.

Tags: home, journal

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