asher63 (asher63) wrote,

Football Fever, continued.

I’m not a football guy, normally. The closest thing to a sport that I enjoy is one that involves big engine noises and things that go around a circuit, if Schumi is in one of those, then so much the better. The other kind of sport I enjoy occasionally is of the horizontal variety, but even that takes a back seat when the FIFA World Cup is on, it’s the one time every four years that even the F1 is unimportant! And it’s only a couple of days away..

In anticipation of that great day, that only comes about once every 4 years, here are some rules for you ladies (and woossies who “don’t like” football - no, it’s not soccer, it is FOOTBALL, you know, the kind that you play WITHOUT having to pad the hell out of yourself and behave like a giant woose on grass, it is football, what those padded woosies play is, well, woosy rugby!) ...
Tags: world

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